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Selling Tips




We will send your items back if they do not meet our criteria. Here are some criteria details:


Brand names will hold more merit


Must have been purchased in the last 3-5 years


Things we look at when we inspect your items:

  • odours of any kind including storage odour (basement, dresser, garage, garbage bag, sitting too long in a box/tote/bin etc.), food odour, smoke odour (however mild it may be), pet odour, sweat odour
  • size - it must be youth clothing.   We do not accept young teen/adult clothing (Hollister, West 49, Ardene, Suzy Shier, Garage, Forever 21, Bluenotes etc.)
  • stains
  • fading
  • holes
  • pilling
  • missing buttons
  • excessive wear
  • worn out waist elastics
  • rips (books)
  • functioning zippers 

NOTE:  All items that we purchase from you go directly on to the floor.   Customers will not purchase items that have any of the above and in turn, we will not purchase from you.


We are much more selective in purchasing items that are in low demand. This means that we have an excessive amount of back stock in certain sizes or articles which have not been selling well for us. 



  1. We appreciate items to be freshly laundered with soap and folded neatly or placed flat in a bin/tote/box. NO garbage bags please. 
  1. Please ensure all cloth parts to equipment is also freshly laundered (high chairs, bouncers, swings, exersaucers etc.) 
  1. Please wipe down any equipment, toys and accessories you are bringing in. 
  1. All equipment and toys must be set up in order for us to inspect (playpens, Jolly Jumpers, strollers etc.) 
  1. Equipment will be checked for safety recalls     

NOTE:  When selling items, it is a first come first serve basis. It is difficult for us to predict how long the wait will be as it is dependant on how many have come in before you. When you arrive, we will estimate a completion time.  Also note that all items must be must be picked up by end of day.  If we are unable to inspect and process your items by days end, you will be asked to come back.                                                             

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